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Are you the Game Changer we're looking for?

Education Week will be a game changer

Excursions to the moon, teleporting between classes, face recognition roll call or a school without bell times or walls – the school of the future is only limited by your imagination. That is the message from the organisers of an... Read more

Bullying! No way!

If your child talks to you about bullying: Listen calmly and get the full story. Reassure your child that they are not to blame. Ask your child what they want to do about it and how you can help. Visit www.bullyingnoway.gov.au... Read more

Bullying No Way

Bullying. NO WAY!

While cyber or online bullying is more prevalent in high schools, as an increasing number of primary aged students have access to phones and other technology the following information may support you to discuss this with your... Read more

At Lismore Public School we aim to maximise the outcomes for all of our students through the provision of quality teaching practices which engage students positively.